Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"I have touched the compassion that heals all suffering."

This is Part Three of a rare documentary on Krishnamurti's early life. It portrays his mystical enlightenment experience, and the efforts of the Theosophical Society to make him a Messiah, as well as the profound disillusionment when his brother died on Ojai, California, and how that experience changed his life and message to the world. Part Four is also on YouTube and is fascinating...well worth the few minutes to see something so rare and unusual~
Here are a few of my favorite Krishnamurti quotes:
"Who wants to worship at the light of one candle when you can have the Sun?"
"My concern is to set man totally and unconditionally free."
"I could feel the wind, the birds, the dust, and every noise was a part of me...and I was a part of it. I was suprisingly happy. I have touched the compassion that heals all suffering. This is not just for myself, but for the world."

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Carl Jung and J.Krishnamurti: Truth is a Pathless Land

I wonder what brought you to this blog?  I wonder what your story is, and how one or both of these “mystics, madmen and messiahs” may have changed your life. I wonder if you might have a sense that there is something deeply personal in this material for you. I hope so…for it is my intention that this writing might restore in you a sense of wonder and forgiveness: wonder for the wisdom that was shining through their human imperfections and “shadow”—and forgiveness and tolerance, not just for them, but for yourself, and for all who dare to courageously ask the larger questions of life and commit to it with an “unchosen passion.”

 I must admit that “Mystics, Mentors, and Messiahs” is a radical title for two men who have inspired me for over forty years. They were two men, who like many spiritual teachers in the 1970’s and 1980’s were put on pedestals and then knocked down years later. Their courageous attempts at earnest self-inquiry, and inquiry into the collective unconscious, not only changed the course of history, but could change your life today, deeply, and for the better. I am committed to sharing their wisdom and passion, as they were committed to sharing what they knew.

Carl Jung was once asked if he believed in God, and he answered slowly and carefully:  “No, I don’t believe, I know.” To truly understand what he meant by that you’ll need to re-open your mind and heart—to leave behind some opinions, prejudices, and even